Thursday, July 19, 2012


This is an update, rather general, I grant you, with some new postings and a bit more accurate.  It is still hard for me to navigate this thing.

I did reasonablly well at the Open Studio Tour and I am happy about that.  Now I am having some of my work shown at Seasons Restaurant at Highland Lake, and at ArtMob downtown at 4th street.  

Note on the photography.   Earlier paintings have been photographed with  a little, pink Elph Canon Powershot, which made them not at all close to the accuracy of colors.  I invested in a bit bigger, albeit totally automatic (I know my skill level here), Canon EOS Rebel T3 at the advice of a photographer friend who really does have skills.  I was told that I needed a great deal more equipment and skills than a bigger and better camera to get decent reproductions.  But this is as far as I am going to take it.  I've loved using it.  I do cropping and do a touch of shadows which is a Picasa something that seems to bring the colors closer to what they should be.  And I am labeling the sizes directly onto the post.  So There isn't any sophisticated photoshopping; I don't know how and I don't think it is necessary.  Computers are all calibrated differently, so I can't get too exerised about fine tuning here.  They are best seen hanging on your wall.   

Thanks for looking at the blog,  Clare

This is listed under Landscapes and is at ArtMob at the moment.  

This is under Sold.  This is the painting that is on my business card.  This isn't a good reproduction, but it is sold and I don't have a better.  But I always liked the reds.